Patients Reviews

Dr Redlick was great. He not only reviewed my injury physically but spent the time to review key issues visually with me. He also spent the time to discuss a recovery plan. I would recommend to all.

Duff S. | Jan 31, 2023

Rosetta M. | Jan 30, 2023
My right shoulder injury and pain were gone after one PRP treatment. Now I am able to perform most of the daily activities such as lifting small things, washing dishes, brush teeth and ligh vacuuming.

Andrew S. | Jan 30, 2023
Dr Adam Thompson was very patient and listened to all my concerns , he was thorough and knowledgeable. I was pleased with my diagnosis and treatment plan. Excellent Dr.

Susan C. | Jan 27, 2023
Doctor took his time with his evaluation, he took my goals into consideration and provided me with a detailed diagnosis and outline for next steps.

Jonathan E. | Jan 25, 2023
Great doctor!

Aswini B. | Dec 30, 2022